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The BRUTM comprises of three main modules:


Functional Assessment

The Functional Assessment is carried out using the force platform. It is a technique used to diagnose which families of stimuli are more conflictive to the patient in the postural control strategies.

Therapeutic using Virtual Reality

According to the clinical evaluation and Functional Assessment, a customized rehabilitation program is designed, which includes visual stimulation by means of Virtual Reality Goggles. This therapeutic module is based on neurorehabilitaion concepts, which confronts the patient to the conflictive stimuli to unleash mecanisims of neuroplasticity, as to achieve vestibular compensation.

Motor Coordination RetrainingTM - MCRTM

The MCRTM module consists of exercises for the training of the postural control using a biofeedback system. The MBSTM recreates controllable interactive exercises in which the patient trains postural strategies under professional supervision. The exercises have different recreational styles and difficulty levels to stimulate the patient’s balance improvement and transform rehabilitation process into a entertaining experience.

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