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MCRTM - Motor Coordination RetrainingTM

The MCRTM includes the patients’ interaction within the virtual world, in programs where the key is the postural control.
Specialists in many different fields in medicine use biofeedback in the treatment of functional disorders. Biofeedback is also used in balance rehabilitation to modify postural control strategies through the patient’s recognition of his postural disorders. The Functional Assessment detects the COP, which is presented to the patient through virtual reality, challenging him to control it through different recreational exercises.

The MCRTM aims to improve postural control and motor coordination by applying different types of motor tasks.


The aim of the MCRTM is to exercise the different aspects of the postural control strategies. All MCRTM exercises have a first very simple level; according to the patient’s evolution the treating professional will be able to increase the game difficulty.

Some levels incorporate the head tracker to detect head movements, allowing interaction within the graphics and therefore training the vestibulocolic reflexes (VCR).

Interactive scenarios for balance retraining

MCR - Motor Coordination Retraining
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