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MedicaaTM is committed to the innovation in the treatment of patients with balance disorders. With this purpose in mind has created the BRUTM (Balance Rehabilitation UnitTM), an efficient solution for functional assessment and rehabilitation therapy for patients that suffer from balance disorders.

The BRUTM uses the MBSTM, a software that works by means of virtual reality stimuli recreating real life situations.

The MBSTM has a scientific research network that constantly works on developing new challenges.

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Central Nervous System (CNS) integrates and coordinates information of the visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems in order to control a person’s balance.

It has been proven that the most efficient way to recover from a balance alteration is through specific stimuli of the different affected systems involved in the body’s balance.

The MBSTM not only handles this type of stimulations, but also does it in a systematized, protocolized and customized manner, adapted to the specific situation of each patient. It identifies the sensory stimuli in which the balance system is more inefficient. It also allows generating specific stimuli to achieve neuroplastic phenomenons of postural adaptation. The strategy used is to present real life situations by means of virtual reality.

Sensory Stimuli

The MBSTM works with three kinds of sensory stimuli:

Somatosensory - Using foam mattresses to challenge balance altering somatosensory information input and Swiss Balls to stimulate ocular-otholitic reflexes.

Vestibular - The system has the technology for detecting head movements, allowing the visual stimuli to react in relation to them, achieving vestibular integration.

Visual - The specific visual stimuli can be defined as moving objects displayed on the Virtual Reality Goggles recreating stylized versions of real life situations, such as the pursuit of a moving object or looking through the window of a moving bus.

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