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Research Department

The Research Department is the heart of MedicaaTM, were not only the knowledge for the current products emanates, but also where basic research in the neurosciences is done, validation of future products and general research coordination is performed.

Functionally, two distinct areas with its different functionalities form the Research Department:
Clinical Research Department, and Basic Research Department.

Research Department

Clinical Research Department

The department’s objectives are more of short and medium term nature, and consist in the medical validation of the ongoing advances in the area of new stimuli and tools being incorporated into the Medicaa Balance SuiteTM (MBSTM) developed by our Engineering and Development Department and medical users feedback.

This validation process occurs through the direct contact with actual patients, testing the proposed changes and making new additions, with the sole objective to have better clinical results with them.

Therefore, all new products released were certified by our Clinical Research Department to insure their quality and efficacy.

Basic Research Department

On the other hand, this department’s objectives are from a medium and long-term nature and are geared towards the generation of basic knowledge in the neurosciences area through the design of basic research projects. MedicaaTM’s work is concentrated in the design phase of basic research work that is later implemented at universities centers. Towards that end, MedicaaTM has generated a network of leading universities worldwide that cooperate mutually to spread the knowledge developed.

At this time different leading centers in the USA, Australia and Latin America are working on specific new projects using the BRU in new areas. At the same time, various new projects are in advance phase of final design and implementation in new centers in the USA and Europe that are going to be incorporated into the network.

Some of the research areas that MedicaaTM is working on are:

  • Generation of new Stimuli related to more real life situations for the patients.
  • Patient response on abrupt stimuli response and its effect on his balance.
  • Behavior anomalies in the peak velocity of sway between pathological and normal persons.
  • Ranges and parameters for normal.
  • Tools that allow access to the greatest number of patients overcoming geographical barriers.

Summarizing, the mission of the Research Department at MedicaaTM is the generation of knowledge and validation of our developments to insure a continuous upgrade of our existing product line and the generation of new products to improve the quality of life of patients with balance problems.